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Dear god I like exploiting people

This happened to me about 3 weeks ago. A relation to myself had accidentally left a comment in my livejournal under a name that didn't look familiar. Can you believe what I found? Quizzes with answers of this person being bisexual, and having lovers in other parts of the state. Can you imagine finding this out about someone who used to be a good friend? Well I took some screens of what happened and posted it a while ago to my livejournal. I thought it sounded perfect for this group, so here ya go! (Unfortunately, the journal was deleted before I could get any physical screenshots of the person in question admitting that they like sucking dick. But it's kinda obvious)

(slow server, be patient :) )

This community will be fun. Enjoy :)

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Waited around 5 minutes on a really fast connection and the pics never showed up. Anyway, what exactly is so bad about being bisexual anyway? What are you, 12?
No I'm 20. And I'm gay.

Maybe I should have mentioned that the person in question called me 2-faced about a day before I found this. And since he was being such a secretive bitch about it, and the name of the community is EXPLOIT_THEM, I decided to do so.

So please. Don't try to ever go up against me.

Deleted comment

I really have no idea where you're going with this.

ESPECIALLY since if anything, I wasn't showing ANY macho tendancies. More superiority I woul say.

*would =)
Cowardice, backpedaling, and deletion. Are you related to shatboy?