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As was posted at my personal LJ (some details have been removed as it is a Friends Only entry) - a true tale of stalker creepiness. Please note that this stranger got my address during a Xmas card exchange.

Anyone remember my stalker, Crazy Tom? You know, sent me a glass dildo modeled after his own unit along with sutra readings, love letters and an ounce of marijuana through the mail? Ramblings about how women's menstrual blood has gold in it, how knights used to have to suck up wine through their penis'-government conspiracies-astral-fanaticism etc etc etc etc etc?!

My friends called him and threatened him with legal action only resulting in very long voice mails about how he has been misrepresented and just wants to meet up with me to see me smile. He continues to call my boyfriend out of the blue, attempting to reason with him.

I haven't brought it up because I thought that if I continued to ignore him, he'd just go away. But he won't. He reads my journal and he knows I'm still alive and awesome. It's annoying.

Yesterday I received the following e-mail. I have created paragraphs as there were none.

WARNING: This letter talks about my mom in a sexual manner, of "Sexology"/metaphysical section of the bookstore in general, and contains remarks like "baby you don't need to feel like you need to manipulate me to get what you want. you've already got it. gots it!"....

*hangs head*


he'llo hun'nay. did my baby have a good thanksgiving. the only thing i was missin was your hot-buttered pimp biscuit to stuff my face.


did you get to check the article at msn/hotmail on "overthinking". i imagine your agile mercurial gemini mind might be a bit susceptible to that habit. i'm a bit mercurial myself.

it's wierd i'm the one with the firey energy yet i'm the one that's stable and consistent. and you are "the axis" and yet you're the one that's always up and down back and forth and all around. i guess i work to bring out both our consistencies.

baby, i can't even begin to explain how frustrating it is knowing that you either have or do care for me and yet we still don't have any real communication. i wish i could reshape all of the distorted misconceptions you have about me. i wish i could just hold you in my arms and look deep into those eyes so that you could just know who i am. i wish you trusted my masculine energy enough to finally let down your guard and talk to me so we could get some energy flowin'. that mercurial energy is what is so frustrating to get through to the center, yet is also the energy that i find so attractive once we finally had our breakthrough and could just play and be at ease with each other and start to joke around. my sense of humor has been lacking exercise since i'm always just trying to be approachable enough to have you let down the protective blocks keeping you from seeing the real fun-lovin' side of me. i'm sure some of it comes through, and you feel like quite a character to me, the kind of character that could have endless fun role-playing out different themes. i get the hunch that you'all are quite a theatrical bunch.......

i'm still waiting on the next shipment of tonic alchemy to arrive at the vitamin cottage as it seems to be a really hot product that they can't seem to keep on the shelf- i knew i should've grabbed that last bottle a couple o weeks before halloween to have been able to make a nice package full of treats for you's to eats- hang in there baby- lot's o sweet treats that won't rots yo' teeth on the way sometime soon hopefully.

i wish you were out here so that i could give you the undivided attention that i know you always crave. baby you know that by me, you're always loved. it's that other fucker that irks me to no end. sweety i do have so much free time on my hands that i could devote to you that it makes it difficult to get any work done because i'm always wondering about you. if we could get this relationship unstuck and have a little more communication i'd be moving right along, yet when the constant struggle just to have some clarity gets overplayed then i'm left with little reserves to get the essentials done.

baby you don't need to feel like you need to manipulate me to get what you want. you've already got it. gots it! i'm here for you. i don't swing back and forth like you do, that's you, not me. i'm ever vigilant and consatant in my affections towards you. it only seems otherwise when i feel pushed away by whateva you say.

i was strollin along the pearl street mall and went into border's books to check out magazines and later found myself in the metaphysical section checkin out some of Laurence Gardner's newer titles and they had displayed the cover of a book entitled "Sextrology" so i decided to check it out. they had quite a number of intersting things to say about gemini women- a lot of which seems to be stuff i'd mentioned over the years-freaky. if you find yourself in a bookstore you should check it out. "gemini woman with a leo man=he's always in his sexual prime" ...because i know that your energy often has difficulty in fulfilling it's wishes i always remain calm, humble, and waiting for you.

for some reason a while before halloween i kept getting impressions of your mom wearing a baby blue skirt suit and wondered why. and then after a while i got the impression of a scarlet red corset-type bustier and garter belt-stocking ensemble underneath-wierd. fire and ice? you know i get turned on by the sexy librarian type. fssooo'ee! -deep breath-.......

anagrams between autumn may & tom stirling include "a mama mounts it....." now that's hot. you ladies wanna work on re-attaching my penis fo' the real deal? with dad's permission would mama like to show me how it's done? your mama deserves a good foot rub and neck and shoulders massage for having raised such a nervous, wary and skittish bundle of nerves as yourself.

many blessings and happy holidays with much love to you and your family, Tommyboy
(cell phone number removed for community posting)
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