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Exploit Them
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
1:48 pm
Monday, January 2nd, 2006
10:42 pm

This guy has been spouting absolute racist and conspiracy kook idiocy in anti_christian for a few months.

Among his sins are being a pedophile (he's more worried about making sure nudists are allowed to run around naked than making sure children are safe -- ONLY a pedophile would be that interested in the "right" of children to be naked wherever they please), being a racist (he LOVES to launch into thinly-veiled anti-white diatribes) and babbling incoherently, then accusing sane people of "making no sense." His whole LJ is like the fevered imaginings of a Klansman, coupled with the sheer stupidity of a retard who thinks he's smart because the special ed teachers told him he was doing "so well" for not shitting himself from the effort of finishing a two times multiplication table quiz.

Recently, he churned out THIS post, which earned him the following response:

Look, I rarely waste my time pitying people...

...but for you, I'll make an exception. That's why I'm going to give you this little heads-up.

You are giving every indication of being less well adjusted than people who wear tinfoil hats so the CIA can't zap them with alien brain rays to keep them from learning about the secret connection between Atlantis and the price of beef. You keep playing Aztec. That's the heart of the "Ancient Astronauts" kookery. Try starting there, THEN work your way up to plausible BS conspiracy theories.

That is all.

The thread has since been deleted, with the pathetic reply "you still are an idiot. who makes no sense."

My response is as follows:

What a comeback!

Less drugs, more thinking.

Seriously though, do you have some kind of brain damage or learning disability? Some of us have gotten the definite impression you're actually retarded. Is this the case? We don't tend to pick on retards, because they can't help it.

OK, tardboy, the question has been asked, and the ball is in your court. Are you an actual retard? Do you do too many drugs? Are you just stupid? What's going on here?
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
10:52 am
As was posted at my personal LJ (some details have been removed as it is a Friends Only entry) - a true tale of stalker creepiness. Please note that this stranger got my address during a Xmas card exchange.

Anyone remember my stalker, Crazy Tom? You know, sent me a glass dildo modeled after his own unit along with sutra readings, love letters and an ounce of marijuana through the mail? Ramblings about how women's menstrual blood has gold in it, how knights used to have to suck up wine through their penis'-government conspiracies-astral-fanaticism etc etc etc etc etc?!

My friends called him and threatened him with legal action only resulting in very long voice mails about how he has been misrepresented and just wants to meet up with me to see me smile. He continues to call my boyfriend out of the blue, attempting to reason with him.

I haven't brought it up because I thought that if I continued to ignore him, he'd just go away. But he won't. He reads my journal and he knows I'm still alive and awesome. It's annoying.

Yesterday I received the following e-mail. I have created paragraphs as there were none.

WARNING: This letter talks about my mom in a sexual manner, of "Sexology"/metaphysical section of the bookstore in general, and contains remarks like "baby you don't need to feel like you need to manipulate me to get what you want. you've already got it. gots it!"....

*hangs head*

from t_om_k_lov@hotmail.com

he'llo hun'nay. did my baby have a good thanksgiving. the only thing i was missin was your hot-buttered pimp biscuit to stuff my face.


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Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
2:06 pm
Dear god I like exploiting people
This happened to me about 3 weeks ago. A relation to myself had accidentally left a comment in my livejournal under a name that didn't look familiar. Can you believe what I found? Quizzes with answers of this person being bisexual, and having lovers in other parts of the state. Can you imagine finding this out about someone who used to be a good friend? Well I took some screens of what happened and posted it a while ago to my livejournal. I thought it sounded perfect for this group, so here ya go! (Unfortunately, the journal was deleted before I could get any physical screenshots of the person in question admitting that they like sucking dick. But it's kinda obvious)

(slow server, be patient :) )

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